Locomotive parts online

Tweetsie Railroad is currently closed. We are happy to announce that we will be opening for Tweetsie Christmas beginning the weekend of November 13 th.

Details for this event will be released on Monday, October 12th. Though few Tweetsie Railroad Guests ever visit the Tweetsie Railroad Steam Locomotive Shop, it serves a vital function for the park by keeping our pair of vintage locomotives operational every day. But it is also a facility where a dying art is being preserved, keeping alive the romance of steam-powered locomotives.

The shop provides steam locomotive parts and repairs steam trains belonging to many favorite tourist destinations. Repairs can be as minor as fixing a steam valve, or as major as a complete frame-up locomotive rebuild. The growing demand for Tweetsie Railroad's repair services comes in part because of the diminishing number of steam engine restoration facilities still in existence today.

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The last commercial steam engine was manufactured in the ls as coal and oil power gave way to the more efficient diesel-electric engines. Each job must be done with great precision and extreme attention to detail. Certain components on a steam locomotive must be made to specifications within a thousandth of an inch," says Scott McLeod, Tweetsie's chief of engineering. McLeod continues, "That amount of professionalism, quality, and craftsmanship can be seen in everything we do—from a complete locomotive restoration, to painting a single train part.

Coffey died inbut left his legacy in the form of new generations of steam locomotive mechanics who learned their craft from him.

Since it's virtually impossible to find replacement steam locomotive parts, our machinists and welders must manufacture their own. Castings are made in foundriesand Tweetsie's staff and machine tools are used to cut and finish the needed replacement parts. The train repair operations moved into a new 5,square-foot facility in A separate paint room is capacious enough to accommodate an entire locomotive and tender, and the finished product rolls out with jewel-like quality.

Our crew keeps No. Every trip is a new challenge for the engineer and fireman who operate locomotives that consume 5, gallons of water and four tons of coal each and every day. The engines need a complete overhaul every fifteen to twenty years. Ina total restoration of No. A complete restoration of No.

During our annual Railroad Heritage Weekend each September, Rail fans who purchase a weekend pass can tour this unique facility and see the veteran shop crew preserve the art of steam locomotive repair and restoration. The following is a partial list of parts available for your 24"- or 36"-gauge Crown trains. Here is a downloadable page of our parts list.

How a Diesel Electric locomotive works?

Tickets Go. Click here for park updates. Our Famous Steam Locomotive Shop.

locomotive parts online

Tweetsie Railroad is the official source for Crown Locomotive Parts, locomotive rebuild, restoration, and steam locomotive parts.This site uses cookies to create a better experience for you.

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To learn more, please visit our Cookie Notice page. By clicking 'I Accept', you are agreeing to our use of functional, performance and targeting cookies. The first new EPA Tier 4 passenger locomotive to be sold in the world. Whether rebuilding existing equipment or upgrading to a modern control system and a new engine, we can extend the useful life of your fleet.

Progress Rail specializes in locomotive fleet optimization strategies ranging from the smallest, one locomotive seasonal operation, to large, multi-state and multi-site operations. Cookie Policy. Hide remove. Open add. No Thanks I Accept.

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Locomotives Share This. By offering a wide range of features and technologies, we deliver locomotives that meet specific customer requirements - with performance and reliability that our customers demand.

Internationally, our performance knows no borders. Our passenger locomotive offerings include high-speed operation up to miles per hourfor intercity and commuter operations.

At home and abroad, we listen closely to our customers and use the latest technologies to lead the railroad industry. Call today to see how we can help you with your locomotive needs and put the power of Progress to work for you.

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Open Cookie Policy.Call or email HydroFc gmail. We employ a systems approach to product design, development, testing, manufacturing and packaging to ensure parts provide long-term dependable service.

Our products are designed to meet the toughest applications, from extreme temperatures and altitudes, to heavy loading and load cycling. Advanced techniques, such as automated assembly and torque equipment, electronic profile and contour verification and daily metallurgical testing, are incorporated throughout the manufacturing process.

And all EMD parts are carefully integrated in the overall product design to maximize efficiency and reliability. This is a compliant alternative that maintains EPA certified emissions performance. HydroFC Components is not an authorized distributor of, nor is otherwise associated or affiliated with any of these third parties. However,HydroFC Components does represent that its replacement parts, components, subsystems and services are compatible with and usable on these locomotives and engines.

Skip to content.One or two items seem to disappear at every show and unfortunately in most cases, I do not know the item has been gone missing until someone orders the item and I am unable to locate it. In the event that an item you have ordered has disappeared - I will advise you. If an alternate product is available - I may be able to substitute the item.


This is a very frustrating issue - but it seems that common items like wheelsets, small parts, decals and Kadee couplers are the most common items to disappear at the shows. General Information. The quickest way to find items is to use the search box at the top of the page to quickly locate items. You can enter stock numbers or key words to find items and you can also select a specific category to search in.

Until you actually checkout and pay - anyone else can purchase these items.

locomotive parts online

Due to the nature of the hobby business these days - many items cannot be restocked once sold out. All Recently Added Products. Terms and conditions Shipping Payment Contact Information.NNRR History. The Layout. Construction Photos. Engine Roster. Rolling Stock. Signal System. Signal Construction. Rivarossi Parts Sheets. Rivarossi Parts Sheets Therefore this modern Loco shunter, has all its weight on all the powered axles. The majority of these projects were good results, and many were used right up till the end of the steam era in the States.

The most commonly used of the 12 base models was the Inthe American Locomotive Company, and Brooks Works, built a locomotive for shunter work with three cylinders, which derived from original projects USRA only in appearance. Amongst the many types of Locomotives for shunting with wheel arrangement this was the most powerful.

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The Indiana Harbour Belt had three Locos of this type, class Sone of which, the used as reference in reproducing this model, was built in by the American Locomotive Company. The locomotives of this type initially managed to compete with the arrival of diesel units. In some cases it was quite common to see a "Santa Fe" hauling a heavy goods train linked with a diesel unit.

Wheel arrangement Of all the articulated steam locomotives, the was the biggest in all senses: dimensions, weight, power, speed. The name "Big Boy", which in a was sums up all these characteristics, as the name was used to indicate this locomotive.

The colour is black and gray graphite.

locomotive parts online

In red the models that were announced in the last catalogue, but I am not sure if produced. This train was one of the most prestigious of the Golden Age of rail transport, and remembered for its luxurious and reliability in service. Produced by Rivarossi from until It was also in the Paramount Pictures film directed by Cecil Beaton. Produced by Rivarossi Atlas Parts Diagrams.

Welcome to the Parts Catalog Online. We are in the process of converting all of our parts diagrams for locomotives and freight cars into. Click on the highlighted loco or freight car you are interested in and you will be able to view the exploded diagram on screen or print it for easy reference. If you do not see a loco or freight car on this list that you are interested in, please call us at We are doing our best to have all of the information posted in the very near future.

Thank you. N Scale. N Locomotives. N Freight Car. O Locomotives. O Rolling Stock. Industrial Rail. Login 0! Code Track. Code Layout Packages. Code 83 Layout Packages. Code 83 True-Track Layout Packages. Classic Locomotives. Master Rolling Stock.Stories create a connection and generate social proof. You can also use: Experts Crowds Celebrities See if you can find an expert in your industry to validate your products.

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You can ask them verbally when they visit your place of business. Online platforms such as email campaigns can get a high response rate as well. The more steps they have to take, the less likely they are to complete the review.

locomotive parts online

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